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Our Source of Motivation

My previous job was to coordinate a program to help people transition off of public assistance by helping them to seek employment. Motivation, or rather the lack thereof, was my biggest obstacle to overcome. Many were hesitant to apply because they thought that they might dislike the work, or that the that they would get stuck in a dead-end job, pretty valid concerns.

No matter what kind job you apply for, you will likely be asked, why do you want to work for this company? Though the question is simple and predictable, it is often one of the most difficult questions you may be asked, especially if it is a job you don’t really desire. You are thinking, “Rent is due, and bills need to be paid,” but you just can’t simply say “I am applying for this job because I am desperate, and don’t have time to wait for the job that I always wanted.” You must refrain because an employer needs to hear that motivation from you before he or she will hire you. How can you pass this interview when the motivation is not even there?

The problem is that too many people seek fulfillment in life through the job they have. This makes their joy circumstantial to the strength of the job market and work experience. As believers, we need to realize our motivation and strength comes directly from the Lord. As the Word says, “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” What is it in life that is motivating you? What are the things that are sapping the joy out of you and causing you to lose your motivation? If you look to the Lord to bring you joy and strength, there is not a boss, coworker, or working condition that will be able to bring you down. If you do everything heartily as unto the Lord, you will find the burdens of your workday melt away.

May the Lord Richly Bless You,

Pastor Evan & Lucy Palmer

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