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The Glory of the Lord Has Entered His Temple

The other day, I was reading the passage in 2 Chronicles 7-8 where the Ark of the Covenant came to reside, for the first time, in its permanent dwelling place inside the Holy of Holies of Solomon’s Temple.

The temple was ornate

, more glorious than anyone in Israel had seen to this point. The walls were inlaid with gold

over fine stone within and without. It had cedars from Lebanon carved into intricate designs by the most skilled craftsmen i

n Israel. It had colorful draperies, and furnishings of silver, gold, and brass. It was certainly a sight to behold.

But all this would amount to absolutely nothing if not for the presence of God entering the temple in a cloud of glory. Before this happened, Solomon prayed a fervent prayer of dedication.

This was a prayer of remembrance and gratitude for all God had done.

It was a reminder of God’s promises to make His dwelling amongst his people.

It was a declaration of trust in the protection and provisions given by the mighty hand of God. It was an exclamation of faith in the love and the goodness of God.

We can certainly learn something from King Solomon in our own lives and ministries.

Prayer invites the presence of the Lord.

As many of us work to improve our church buildings, work in the ministries that the Lord has called us to, let us never forget that it is only the presence of the Lord that makes our ministries truly great in His sight. The Holy Spirit will not dwell where He is not welcome. He will not reside in the temple of our bodies or in our houses of worship (no matter how ornate) where His people don’t seek Him in fervent prayer.

We can only experience the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit by prioritizing the building upon the foundation prayer and our praise.

May the Lord Bless You,

Pastor Evan

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